Nick Faldo Signed Autobiography ‘Life Swings’

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For many years in the 1980s and 1990s, Nick Faldo was the most feared competitor in world golf. Relentless and strong-willed, he would wear down his opponents with his determination to win. It was these attributes that brought him six Major championships; Harry Vardon, a century ago, is the only European to have won more and no one has been more successful in the Ryder Cup. But Faldo’s success came at a price: his unyielding search for perfection, working with David Leadbetter, took him away from home, leading to divorces and media attention on his private life, as well as criticism for being a loner. Now he feels the time is right to talk not just about his golf, but about his whole life and how he has achieved a new calm in recent years, and to reveal the private man behind the public face.


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Nick Faldo Signed Autobiography 'Life Swings' MFM Sports Memorabilia

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