Pelé Signed Montage

Pelé Signed Montage


Pelé started playing professional football with Santos at the age of 15, made his debut for Brazil at 16 and won the World Cup at 17. He would end his career having scored 1,283 goals in 1,363 games and is considered by many – including himself – as the greatest footballer of all time.


The Montage has been very clearly signed by Pelé in black permanent marker pen. Frame size 16inch x 20inch.

Great piece of Memorabilia.

All our items come with Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note: we may have more than one, so signed autographs size and position will slightly differ.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every signed product is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by our Managing Director, which guarantees that every item has been hand-signed. The certificate includes  security features to avoid duplication and protect your investment.

Security Features

1. Quality of printing & paper

The printed lines and colours of the many intricate patterns on our Certificate of Authenticity are sharp, clear and free of smudges or blurred edges. The paper is high quality, textured and of a heavier weight than normal paper.

2. Integrated image

Each Certificate of Authenticity also includes either an example image of the product, a small photo of the individual signing the product and/or a video.

*Images are for illustration purposes only and the product/signature location & size my differ slightly.

3. Verified by our CEO

Every single Certificate of Authenticity is also verified by our chief executive officer – to guarantee that the item is genuine and hand signed.